Chengjian Li


Chengjian Li is a professor of English literature at the School of Foreign Languages, Southwest Jiaotong University, China. She serves as Director for the Center for American Studies and Editor for the Journal of Sino-American Humanities Studies, both affiliated with her college. Her research and teaching interests include British poetry and Irish literature. Her major publications are listed as follows:

  1. A British-Irish poet: Seamus Heaney, Chengdu: Sichuan People’s Publishing, 2006.
  2. Study on Contemporary Irish Drama, Chengdu: Sichuan People’s Publishing, 2015.
Journal Articles:
  1. On Seamus Heaney’s Sweeney Astray, Beijing: Foreign Literature, 2008 (6).
  2. On McMorris’s Identity in William Shakespeare’s Henry V, Beijing: Foreign Literature Review, 2009 (4).
  3. On Relationship between Kings and Ireland in William Shakespeare’s Plays, Chongqing: Foreign Language and Literature,2009 (4).
  4. Holding a Mirror for Irish Society: A Study of Brian Friel’s Plays, Beijing: Drama, 2010 (6).
  5. An Image of Ireland in the eyes of Edmund Spencer, Beijing: Foreign Literature Review, 2011 (2).
  6. On Brian Friel’s Narrative Strategy in his Historical Plays, Xiangtan: Journal of Hunan Science and Technology University, 2014 (6).
  7. Michael Longley and Northern Irish Crisis, Changsha: Journal of Zhongnan University, 2014 (5).
  8. A Historical Study on GuoMoruo’s Translation of John Synge’s Plays, Chongqing: Foreign Language and Literature, 2018(6).
  9. Book Review, Leela Gandhi, Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction,Ariel,2020 October,Vol. 51.4.